Our Clients are Investors

2North Carolina continues to provide a dynamic environment for direct and indirect investment. Whether an investments value lies in real estate, intellectual property, or inventory, our clients continue to enrich the business landscape of North Carolina with dynamic and forward-thinking investments. Here are some examples:

Real Estate Developers

New individuals and families are moving to North Carolina at historic rates. Acquiring and capitalizing on available land, especially in urban areas of the State, is critical to meet new and growing needs.

Micro-to-Medium Business Entities

North Carolina’s business landscape is dominated by small businesses. These companies represent over 97% of companies in the state and are critical to its ongoing success.

Commercial and Residential Builders

New individuals and families arriving has prompted a new housing boom and a deficit of available housing. Quality and on-time project completion is critical for these clients.

Regulated Investments

Although North Carolina has opened the door to crowdfunding (yeah!), many ventures are still subject substantial regulation and oversight. Navigating these regulations can be burdensome, but the success can be realized at even greater scales.