Real Estate Closings

Given the recent laws and regulations regarding residential real estate closings, we are strongly positioned to address key concerns of clients, agents, and lenders. Our closing practice has been built from the ground up to comply with TRID (TILA-REPSA Integrated Disclosure rules) and embraces ALTA (American Land Title Association) best practices. We utilize cloud-based solutions for closing document generation and modification, allowing us to quickly respond to the changing needs of each client and their service providers. Fortunately, these capabilities strongly align with our existing tech-forward approach to legal service and allow us to quickly adapt our services to the needs of specific clients and their agents.

Our residential real estate closing services go beyond mere compliance with new rules and regulations. Other benefits include:


For no additional charge, our closing attorneys will travel to your office on closing day.*


For those who prefer to host closings at our offices, we offer a professional and spacious office setting, centrally located in downtown Raleigh, with plenty of free parking on-site.


Transparent pricing is a hallmark of our Firm. We charge a flat rate per closing so you always know how much closing costs to plan for.


Our clients enjoy various industry-leading technologies including secure client portals for 24/7 access to documents, eSignature software, screen share capability to remotely review important documents, and video conferencing.


To streamline the closing process, our staff will order and coordinate surveys on behalf of clients and their service providers.


We offer electronic recording of closing documents and same day disbursements of trust funds.

With our blend of tech-forward initiatives, client-centered focus, and TRID/ALTA compliance, we are uniquely aligned to meet the needs of realtors and, most importantly, their clients in this new landscape of residential real estate closings. If interested in our closing services, or for further information, please fill in the form below and a representative from our office will contact you soon. You may also call our office directly at (919) 346-7499.


    *DISCLAIMER: Requests for mobile closings should be made at least three (3) weeks in advance of the scheduled closing date. This “travel to you” option is subject to availability and limited to destinations in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle. We reserve the right to decline to travel to you at our discretion. For special travel needs, we are happy to provide a custom quotation.