Our Clients are Everyday People

Each of us has a unique story to tell, but we all share common interests, concerns, and experiences which connect us. Our clients are people (just like our attorneys) – and each of us will needs arise that either require, or can be benefited by, legal counsel.

What does this look like?

New In Town

Whether learning hard lessons on local speed traps, or closing on a new home, we work with our clients to make your arrival in North Carolina as legally care-free as possible (if you’re looking for something fun to do – just ask one of our attorneys).

Newly Married

Marriage is the bringing together of families, communities, finances, and needs. Many of our clients find marriage prompts them to address long-term planning needs and home purchases.

New Parents

A new arrival often brings new questions, and new needs. Whether it is a will, trust, new home purchase, or other family planning need, we work with our clients to help protect and secure family futures.

Newly Single

Many couples do not want a protracted court battle or the expense of ongoing legal fees. Capital City Law works with a variety of clients in formulating uncontested separation and custody agreements.