Our Clients are Startups

When Capital City Law was founded, we were three attorneys sitting in the top floor of an old historic home. Although times have changed and our company has grown, we have lived and loved being a startup and a small business. The companies we support have grown along with us, and new companies have joined us, but we remain committed to providing efficient, effective service to our our startup clients.

Of course, “Startup” can cover a good bit of ground. So here are some examples of the clients we work with:

Crowdfund Ventures

North Carolina has opened the door to effective, local crowdfunding with the NC PACES Act and new Local Public Offering rule. These new frameworks offer promising options for financing startups (and existing business ventures)! Learn more about crowdfunding ventures.

Owner-Managed Entities

Many of our clients launched as owner-managed companies and remain that way to this day. These companies face unique hurdles as they grow, but often can operate as lean, efficient, and profitable ventures for the owners and executive leadership.

Investor Projects

Of course, not all companies are owner-managed – in fact most are not. As ownership and leadership spread apart, new compliance concerns arise while investment opportunities grow.

Nonprofit Companies

Capital City Law is deeply committed to supporting non-profit initiatives in North Carolina and giving back to the community at large. One way we do this by assisting nonprofits with good corporate governance and legal compliance.