Kyle Smalling

Kyle Smalling is CEO and co-founder of Capital City Law. A native of Boone, North Carolina, Kyle spent his early years in the High Country before moving to Raleigh with his high school sweetheart and now wife, Laura. In Raleigh, Kyle graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and worked as a manager at an engineering start-up, which led him into the fields of corporate compliance, intellectual property, and eventually to his law degree and license.

As an attorney, Kyle spends most of his time advising on matters relating to real estate purchase and development and business law.

Kyle is most grateful for his incredible wife Laura, daughter Annabelle (who has been described as one of the cutest girls to walk the face of the planet), and son Abel. When he is not working, Kyle enjoys taking hikes and visiting local museums and parks with his family, computer programming, and carpentry / home restoration (ask him about his family’s forever home).

In addition to his duties as CEO of Capital City Law, Kyle operates a varied practice with one central goal – to help clients create, grow, and protect those things they value most.