Our Fees

Capital City Law has implemented a wide range of fee options to address the wide variety of legal needs, financial circumstances, and end goals of our clients. It is our hope that this wide set of fee structures and our flexible payment options will provide most potential clients with a pathway to legal representation.

Our goal is to provide clients with fee arrangements that are:

  • Predictable
  • Tailored
  • Transparent
  • At a Flat Rate, If Possible

Some of the fee arrangements we have available are:

Flat Fee, Full-Service Representation

For cases and clients with specific, predictable needs, Capital City Law has implemented Flat Fee, Full-Service Representation. This fixed-price representation affords each client predictability and transparency in the representation process and allows attorneys to focus on what matters most – legal service.

Flat Fee, Limited Scope Representation (A La Carte)

In limited circumstances, we provide flat fee limited scope assistance to clients in the prosecution of their own claims. This often takes the form of document review and strategic advice and is limited to appropriate circumstances.

Hourly Fee, Billed Against Trust

For clients with varying needs or an unpredictable scope of need, as is often the case in litigation, we offer various hourly fees that are billed against a balance held in trust for the client.

Monthly or Quarterly Retainer

Many of our business clients are placed on a monthly or quarterly retainer, eliminating the need for continuous hourly fee management and opening the door to important conversations between the business owner and attorney.

Contingency Fee

For clients with personal injury and tort claims, and in limited circumstances for clients with insufficient means to pursue other substantial civil claims, we offer representation on a contingency fee basis.