Client Amenities

Client satisfaction is our number one priority at Capital City Law. To help ensure the best service experience possible, combined with our legal expertise, every Capital City Law client enjoys the following amenities:

  • Secure Client Portal.

    Our clients enjoy 24/7 access to their case file, secure attorney-client messaging, and invoices via our secure cloud-based client portal.

  • Digital Document Storage.

    Capital City Law proudly utilizes a digital storage system. Client documents, instruction sheets, checklists, and other important documents related to the legal matter are securely stored in the cloud and accessible via the client portal. Important information is easy to access, save for your records, and share.

  • Video Conferencing Options.

    Not every client wants to come into our office. Not every matter with an attorney requires it. Many matters can be handled via email, over the phone or via the Internet thanks to platforms such as Ring Central, Skype, Google Hangout, and FaceTime. Rather meet your attorney from your laptop, on the couch, in your pajamas, sipping coffee, with your morning hair? No problem (or judgment), we’ll make it happen.

  • Screen Share Technology.

    For those clients who prefer to meet with us via Video Conference, screen share technology allows our lawyers to review important documents in real time electronically. Document review and explanation no longer require an in-office visit. Instead, this can be done at our client’s convenience, wherever they have access to a computer.

  • Credit Card, Invoices, & Electronic Payment.

    Access your invoice and case progress 24/7 via your secure online client portal. Stay informed about your account, track the time billed and specific work performed on your legal matter, and make electronic payments in minutes, with a few clicks. Not able to pay in one lump sum? Ask us about payment plan options to spread the cost out over time.

  • Electronic Signature.

    We’re lawyers. Of course we have documents for you to sign. But, long gone are the days when signing a form, contract, or other document required physically signing paper to pen. Thanks to our use of secure electronic signature software, at Capital City Law, signing documents can be done in a matter of minutes, from your cellphone, computer or tablet.

  • A La Carte Legal Services Menu.

    We offer a menu of limited scope legal services for those clients who prefer not to pay for full service representation. The clients provide some of the legwork (filing, document gathering etc.,) and our Firm provides the legal expertise when they want it, at an affordable flat fee rate. See our full a la carte menu and contact us today to schedule an evaluation of whether limited-scope legal services are for you.